I have been teaching for years, although I must admit that it didn´t start of as a vocation. I was asked by a fellow colleague to substitute for him. I have to say that I enjoy teaching and that I like working with students.
From that moment on I have been giving classes, to mention a few, Centro de Estudios Ciudad de la Luz in Alicante (Official Cinema School), I.E.S La Marxadella, I.E.S Puerta Bonita, AIDO (Technological Institute of colour, optics and image), C E U San Pablo, or Efti (photography school).

Nowadays and after having taught three different years, I am the coordinator for the specialization of Cinematography in the Official school in Alicante. Having studied in Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografía (Official Italian cinema school) and The School of the Arts N.Y, has allowed me to develop my own teaching programmes.
I have published and co-ordinated the modules 5,7, and 9 for the University of Valencia. The modules are part of a degree programme “Especializacion Profesional Universitario de iluminacion en la industria Audiovisual”

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Paco Belda.

Member of the Spanish Society of Cinematographers (A.E.C)


  • +34 629 625 292
  • Uruguay nº20 1º 1ª, 46007. Valencia

skype: pacobelda65


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