The stop motion technique although it´s animation, is the nearest to what you can come across when filming actors. The most important differences being the sizes of the sets and that the actors are dolls. Consequently, one of the things a Cinematographer has to control for this type of animation is the scenography and scale.

I acquired a lot of experience filming small-scale models. I shot more than 300 toy spots, working for German, French, American and Spanish clients. We would film in 35mm, the models and sets used were fabulous.

When Javier Tostado asked me if I wanted to film the TV series Clay Kids, I jumped at the opportunity. Apart from being the creator of the series, he is an outstanding Director of Photography, a fact that makes working with him that much easier because he understands too well what´s needed by the crew for these kinds of productions.

The first season of Clay Kids has been much acclaimed (Annecy) and has been awarded the 2012 Silver Telly Awards and 11º top in the 30 Mipcom Junior Licensing Challenge.

Short Animation Reel

Animation Reel

Paco Belda.

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