El Sueño de Cristo

El Sueño de Cristo

El Sueño de Cristo 1996 35mm 1: 2.35

Director: Angel García del Val

A very independent film due to the peculiar vision the director had on the story, the way he liked to work and, obviously, the specific characteristics involved. It´s the interpretation on the life of Christ carried out by a small crew. My experience with nature documentaries helped me out a great deal in this project. As it was a film shot on location, we decided to film it in autumn and chose the most appropriate moments of the day to fit out needs. That which Nature offered allowed me to use such images that even Víctor Erice praised me on after sending him the final cut. Unfortunately, the video master copy (analogic) that I kept has deteriorated; consequently the images that I have chosen are limited, technologically speaking.

Paco Belda.

Member of the Spanish Society of Cinematographers (A.E.C)


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