My first job in this profession (even as a student) was as a camera assistant working on nature documentaries. At that time we had to shoot with photographic emulsions. I was working with Jose Pablo Gadea (the producer) for more than ten years.

It was then when I became aware of light as a means to an end in photography. I think it was a very “pure” way to start, being as the sun was the main source of light that we used.

The colours of the “sets” were very real; the colour of the earth and sky, the wide range of greens in the vegetation, the blues and greens of the seas and rivers, it´s all full of detail. It seems to me the perfect way to study light and colour.

I´m so glad I that opportunity, it´s a great reference for me. 

Wild life documentary

Poisoned Mind

Paco Belda.

Member of the Spanish Society of Cinematographers (A.E.C)


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